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Fourteen IP's World Tour Takes Evolution Service Worldwide

May 24, 2016
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Recently, Fourteen IP opened up a new office in Orlando, Florida, geared toward providing sales operations as well as support for the Evolution line of communications services. From cloud-based telephony to Wi-Fi and network support, the Evolution line covers a lot of ground in its field. It's now about to cover a lot of ground geographically too, as the Florida office joins the United Kingdom and Czech Republic offices for a widening world tour.

Fourteen IP is now—thanks to a set of multi-national framework agreements with two major hotel chains—part of the operations profile of a large number of hotels through the U.K. and beyond. Additionally, its cloud-based services, driven by Broadsoft's lineup, is currently operational in 11 countries with future rollouts to follow. Having demonstrated its capabilities at a variety of high-end hotels in places like Milan, Paris and Venice, it's drawing its share of attention and will likely continue to do so as further development arrives.

Neil Tolley, Fourteen IP's director, noted “The opening of the U.S. office shows our continuing commitment to supporting international clients, particularly in the U.S. The success of the Evolution Voice service reflects the development we have invested in our above property solutions and the time spent in resolving the complex issues associated with the global inter-connects, number porting and local emergency call routing. This was necessary in order for us to be capable of providing the combination of global and local service and support, expected by international customers.”

What's interesting here is that there's still a lot of room for expansion. While it's currently doing well in Europe's great cultural centers, and it's made an expansion into the planet's largest market, it's still got quite a bit of ground left to cover. The second and third largest markets—China and Japan respectively—don't seem to have much presence here and Fourteen IP doesn't seem to have many inroads into the larger Asian market. India could also stand some representation here, being itself the seventh largest economy as of a recent CNN report. Forays into South America and even Canada should be on tap here, because there are several major markets the Fourteen IP brand isn't yet hitting. However, too rapid an expansion would be just as bad; expanding too quickly means that service can falter, and that would damage the brand.

Fourteen IP is on an upward growth trend, and given the market, it should be able to keep it up for some time. It can't afford to move too fast here, but it's got a lot of market left to step into, and we should be hearing more about this before too much longer. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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