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CloudPBX Service Expands Reach

May 19, 2016
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

This week, Hong Kong-based Cloud Solutions made some waves in the cloud services space. Already a provider of a fully outsourced and managed cloud hosted VoIP PBX (News - Alert) solution, the firm’s footprint has been augmented with the announcement that the company is expanding service offerings to Tokyo, Jakarta and Sydney.

Since 2012, Cloud Solutions has provided Asian-based business with its CloudPBX offering, and now the enterprise phone service has a wider net to cast. Cloud Solutions is ensuring high quality service as a result of an interconnected backbone of servers tasked, which will reduce latency as a result of localizing service.

"We currently have customers located across Asia and we have proven our market differential is offering a regional focus for our Cloud PBX hosted and managed service rather than a single country focus which is where the rest of the market is today. Ask a provider in Sydney to organize a new trunk and telephone system in Bangkok or Shanghai in 4 days and they will simply scratch their head. This is where our market experience is paying off," André Meyer, Cloud Solutions Director explained. 

Cloud Solutions is able to provide firms with local telephone numbers as a result of relationships with SIP trunk providers across Asia. And, as demand continues to grow for cloud-based telephony, the firm notes expansion of service area is in the cards – noting the next phase of expansion could include Auckland, New Zealand as well as Shanghai.

Cloud-based telephony is certainly in a growth phase, making its way to ubiquity by offering new and innovative means of leveraging this burgeoning technology to provide exceptional communication and collaboration experiences. From the virtual office to the conference room and beyond the cloud is no passing fad.

Edited by Peter Bernstein

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