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SkySwitch Integration with Socket Reduces Headaches with White Label Hosted PBX

May 11, 2016
By Christopher Mohr - Contributing Writer

SkySwitch recently announced that its white label hosted PBX (News - Alert) system successfully integrated with Deversus Software’s Socket quote-to-cash (Q2C) solution. By supporting such integration, SkySwitch seeks to differentiate itself from other hosted PBX vendors with a solution designed to make the process of provisioning accounts more efficient.

Lakeland, Florida-based SkySwitch provides communications solutions like unified communications and collaboration-as-a-service (UCCaaS), SIP session control, web conferencing, billing/CRM, web Centrex, and DID management. Vancouver, British Columbia-based Deversus Software, Inc. designs and builds custom software and web applications as well as the Socket automated Q2C system.

The main objective of the combined SkySwitch-Socket solution is to eliminate the problems caused by manual provisioning processes that are time consuming, redundant due to double entry, and highly error-prone, since humans are manually re-entering the data. SkySwitch found that significantly more information had to be entered with its hosted PBX system compared to other solutions, thus exacerbating the problem.

The entire Q2C process is automated with the combined SkySwitch-Socket solution. Customized quote forms can be created with a form-building tool. The next step is the instant online quote system, which performs calculations, generates a quote in PDF format, and then emails it. This system can be used by employees or made publicly available on the company website. This system is great for generating leads, since it can be setup so that customers must enter contact information to obtain pricing information.

The solution also includes recurring billing, custom shipping and tax rules, reporting and analytics, discount code support, support for different currency, and branded checkout pages.

SkySwitch made two wise decisions in integrating with Socket. First, the company recognized that provisioning its white label hosted PBX solution was inefficient and cried out for automation. Secondly, the company realized there was already a great solution available to address these problems and that it was best to integrate with Socket. As a result, SkySwitch customers will be able to get new revenue-generating services to market faster than before. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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