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IT Resellers Not Focused on Cloud-Based Telephony Miss Boat to Revenue Opportunity

April 19, 2016
By Susan J. Campbell - Virtual Office Resource Contributing Editor

When was the last time you answered calls exclusively at your desk? For many of us, the time to be on the move is now and that means we’re rarely sitting still. We want to be where the action is, where our clients (or prospective clients) are making things happen so we can be of valuable service. To do so, we have to take our communications on the go, while still delivering that consistent, professional perception.

The same is true for the individuals operating out of the virtual office. The goal is to set up shop where it makes sense to get business done. It’s no longer required that all individuals need to work in the same place to achieve the desired outcomes. Today, professionals have access to a number of different technologies via the cloud that can still create the professional perception without the brick and mortar price tag (News - Alert).

For that virtual office to be successful, telephony needs to be mobile. But even as professionals were setting up virtual offices all over the world, it was still a challenge to promote cloud-based telephony as recently as five years ago. According to a recent PCR (News - Alert) post, Traditional IT resellers were struggling to understand how they could survive when moving from a mostly hardware-based business to one that was predominately driven by software. Those who took too long to make the shift in technology struggle to survive.

Today, the story is very different as the industry has aligned itself more fully with cloud-based options. Today, according to MarketsandMarkets, the global cloud computing market has reached more than $120 billion in revenue and is still growing at a rate of 26.2 percent per year. With this kind of opportunity, IT resellers need to have a strong strategy in place to firmly establish themselves as a viable option in the market.

To do so, many of these resellers are taking advantage of the opportunities in cloud-based telephony, providing companies with the flexibility and mobility they need to compete in a dynamic marketplace. It’s also a fast-track opportunity for IT resellers into the world of voice, one they typically stayed away from due to high investment entry barriers. Today, the same providers simply need to properly train their personnel on how to bring these solutions to market, streamlining the revenue opportunity.

That’s the way companies like (News - Alert) are experiencing success, especially in the virtual office space. Whether you have a physical headquarters or you work out of a booth at the local coffee shop, you can still manage your voice interactions and give your clients a professional experience. It’s not only offering a better way to stay connected, it’s becoming the only way to set up an efficient business to ensure optimal success in the market. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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