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Venn Conferencing Looks to Make It Safer, Easier to Hold Virtual Meetings

February 14, 2014
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

Believe it or not, both online video conferencing and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) teleconferencing can be potentially hazardous to the companies that use them. If no care is taken, sensitive information can be intercepted by eavesdroppers. Venn Conferencing, however, may have just the way to make online intrusion much less of a problem when it comes to voice and video conferencing.

The Venn Conferencing solution revolves around a new video and VoIP platform that boasts improved security services, taking current security protocols and expanding them to an impressive degree. This expansion allows for safer global connections regardless of considerations like device or service provider, making the video conference or VoIP session not only the most readily accessible tool for long-distance communication, but also one of the safest to use. The system not only includes secure connection methods but also a security audit service that allows users to spot potential problems and address them rapidly to prevent more serious breaches.

So far, according to Venn Conferencing's co-founder and CEO David Villeco, Venn Conferencing's systems have uncovered vulnerabilities in over 90 percent of customers, showing that security really needs to be a top priority as previously unknown avenues of attack may be lying in wait.

Villeco explained, “Video and VoIP technology has gained significant momentum in the business community given its feature rich and cost-savings potential. The technology is challenging to safeguard because of the dynamic nature of corporate networks and the explosion of new devices involved. Cyber attacks are real and can happen to any company, as evidenced by high-profile security breaches reported in the media. Our services assist, and provide customers with a premium insurance policy inclusive of next-generation IT security and telecom network protection.”

Given the growth of the virtual office concept as a means to work remotely and save huge amounts of money in the process, making sure that VoIP and video conferencing platforms are as safe to use as they are easy couldn't be much more important these days. With people using video conferencing as a substitute for business travel, as well as a means to power a remote workforce, it's not surprising that hackers would turn attention to such platforms as a target for intrusion.  Hackers, much like advertisers, go where the people are, and in this case where the information is. So, with the increased popularity of video conferencing, it stands to reason that it's also a more likely target. Putting security tools to work should not only make video conferencing safe, but allow these channels to go even farther in the workplace.

Security is increasingly important in every aspect of business, particularly those that involve communications tools. Venn Conferencing's new system should prove very helpful toward keeping video conferencing and VoIP tools not only up and running, but also wholly secure, allowing information to be cleanly and safely dispensed as needed.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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