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Run an Effectual, Competent Virtual Office

October 29, 2013
By Michelle Amodio - Virtual Office Resource Contributor

The virtual office does more than just cut costs. It’s no secret that moving towards a virtual working space means a faster response in a demanding business environment, making office virtualization a boon for both quality and cost savings.

The virtual office, despite its many benefits, gets a bit of a bad rap. Yahoo’s recent revocation of work-at-home privileges paints the virtual worker in a negative light, as “at home” is often misconstrued as “ineffective” or “unproductive.”

The reality is quite the opposite: virtualization can afford a company both money saved and an overall more productive workforce. To do this, it’s up to the company to provide its employees with the means to do so, thus allowing their workforce to thrive.

The virtual office offers compelling financial and technical advantages, which is why a number of businesses around the globe are interested in making that move. Businesses can extend their service hours, lower their employee turnover, and not be limited by geography, as a virtual office can be set up anywhere.

Video conferencing, for example, is being driven by the growing presence of HD video in consumer markets, video-savvy employees joining the workforce and traditional budget pressures on business travel.

There are several benefits to virtualizing video conferencing infrastructure. A good video conferencing cloud should leverage distributed resources across multiple regions, delivering the benefits of automated load balancing, fail-over and scalability.

Businesses will also experience improved work-life balance and higher employee morale with a virtual office. From an organizational perspective, the virtual setup enables organization to save on infrastructure, equipment and other costs.

By offering the technology, remaining secure, and making it part of the daily routine, businesses of all kinds can reap the man benefits of running a well-oiled virtual office machine.

Solutions like allows businesses to be flexible while remaining affordable. Businesses can stay connected regardless of geographical location, with features such as local numbers, call analytics, call recording and global numbers.

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