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Why You Need for the Virtual Office

October 16, 2013
By Susan J. Campbell - Virtual Office Resource Contributing Editor

The technology that we have available to us today as professionals allows us to set up offices wherever we choose. If our personalities mean that we need to be in the corporate headquarters to be productive, the tools we need are at our fingertips. But the very same tools can also be available in the virtual office located anywhere else in the world.

Companies like Phone (News - Alert).com are extending their offerings to include a variety of solutions the busy professional needs when the office is not in the traditional environment. The company offers VoIP for the home and the office, providing the perfect solution when the two are combined. As a result, the business professional can stay connected at a lower cost, while still protecting the company’s brand.

Experts at recently released their top five list of cheapest VoIP providers that residents can turn to as an alternative to traditional landline calling. While cheapest is not always the best option when it comes to the virtual office, this list is focused on low cost providers who also deliver the quality connections users need to be productive and enjoy a quality connection.

To that end, companies included on this list provide users with savings of up to 75 percent off their current residential bill, in addition to quality calling features. (News - Alert) made this list and was described as’s favorite cheap deal. offers an exclusive special offer price of $6.99 per month with no contract. Customers receive an adapter for their phone, can keep their existing phone number and enjoy 300 monthly minutes. The one low price also includes 40 advanced calling features.

For the business owner seeking to set up shop at home in a virtual office, there are certainly benefits to going with a solution from a provider like Some have expressed concern over the convergence of the voice and data services within the home to achieve the desired office environment. Going it alone could leave the individual without a quality connection and no support when things go wrong. Partnering with a proven provider ensures seamless integration and a number to call should quality ever go below the promised levels.

Aside from the possibilities of the virtual office, VoIP connections from also enables the creation of a branch office, on-screen dialing, unlimited voicemail boxes, the use of an auto-attendant, database integration and so much more. When working directly with a proven provider, the professional can select the options needed to fit the environment. Plus, no contract has to be signed and calling can begin right away.

With so many options at our fingertips today, we rarely have to sit in the corporate office to get things done. The key is having the right access to the right tools in the right place. The virtual office makes that possible.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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