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What's Cheaper in Autumn than the VoIP Phone?

September 13, 2013
By Susan J. Campbell - Virtual Office Resource Contributing Editor

With the arrival of a season change comes the inspiration to make a switch for the better. In the corporate environment, this may mean a policy change, the adoption of a new platform, the embracing of a new strategy or the deployment of a new technology.

The latter tends to get people talking within the organization, as making an investment in technology can sometimes be painful on the bottom line. When it comes to communications, however, a change can actually streamline activities, increase productivity, drive efficiency and make all interactions less of an impact on the budget.

It all starts with the VoIP phone. Taking the standard voice call over the Internet can seem like a big shift with a big price tag (News - Alert). In fact, this shift can have a much healthier approach to the internal processes. To help in the analysis of the process, MyVoIPProvider actually published a list of five unexpected autumn items that are more expensive than cheap VoIP phone service.

Hard Cider – did you know a six-pack of hard cider can easily run $8 to $12 a pack? For those who are ready to go stock up for the next Halloween party, this drink appears to be one of luxury. Compared with residential VoIP at $6 to $7 a month, the professional who works from home could easily justify the VoIP phone.

Fuzzy Scarf – while the cold weather hasn’t settled in completely, it will be just around the corner. For many of us, that means a trip to the local retailer to stock up on cold weather wear. The average scarf can run $12 to $15, or more if you opt for a name-brand beauty to complement an outfit. Either way, you’re still paying much more for something to put around your neck a few times a week versus phone service you need at all times.

Lawn Rake – the leaves are changing and their next destination is on your lawn. Are you ready to take charge and start raking? The typical rake runs $12 to $14 to help you get the job done – which is still much more than the residential VoIP phone. While you enjoy the benefits of VoIP, send the kids out with the rake to take care of the lawn. Of course this means you may end up having to buy another rake.

The Pumpkin – every house has to have the pumpkin for carving. And, if your house is like ours, each kid gets their own. Priced anywhere from $12 to $25 dollars, the cost of the pumpkins increases quickly. This is a significant increase over the cost of the important phone connection you need.

Mums – as the summer flowers have dried up, we’re not quite ready to say goodbye to such color around the house. As we dispose of the dried up remnants of summer blooms, we’re replacing with fall foliage and colorful mums. A bulk rate can find three for $12, which is still nearly double the cost of the residential VoIP service.

As you look around, you can also close down the pool, invest in some warm and fluffy socks, buy a new throw blanket and other preparations for cool weather that are still less expensive than VoIP. The point is – the cost shouldn’t be what’s keeping you from making the move. As autumn sets in, make the change to the VoIP phone.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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