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More Wi-Fi Connections Make VoIP Calls Possible from Virtually Anywhere

September 05, 2013
By Brittany Walters-Bearden - Virtual Office Resource Contributor

Wi-Fi has become more popular than ever, and it is made available in more places than ever before. For many years, Starbucks was synonymous with free Wi-Fi, and McDonald’s soon followed (though most people still opted for the seats at Starbucks). Now, it seems to be everywhere: restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, tanning salons, airports, universities, gyms – the list just continues to grow. With the growth of Wi-Fi, the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to make phone calls wirelessly has grown accordingly.

All mobile service providers boast about the speed of their LTE (News - Alert) networks, but there are plenty of instances in which network service is not available. This is where Wi-Fi and VoIP come in to save the day—mobile users can still make phone calls without network service, as long as there a Wi-Fi connection available.

There are several “odd” places where Wi-Fi is available that most people would not consider. A few of these places are:

  • Airplanes. For years, we have been told to turn off our electronics during take-off and landing and to only use approved electronic devices during the flight. In the past few years, Wi-Fi has been made available on certain flights, which now makes using phones possible through VoIP services. No longer are flyers required to swipe their credit card on the airline-provided phone, which usually involves promising one’s first-born.
  • Boston Subway. The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority has made a select number of cars on its trains using the Framingham/Worcester line Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Hermosa Beach. The popular Los Angeles beach has a Wi-Fi tower that has been operating for the past five years to allow surfers to surf the web.
  • Whole Foods. Most Whole Food stores have Wi-Fi available to its customers for their use in the store or café.
  • Mount Everest. Probably the most bizarre place of all is the 3G tower near the top of the world’s largest mountain. It is only appropriate, since, in all fairness, a climber who has reached that point of the mountain should be able to call whoever they want to brag about their accomplishment. 

There are so many places that Wi-Fi is available, and the list will continue to grow. With that growth, the use of VoIP calls will increase with it.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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