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VoIP Gets a Professional Edge With Virtual PBX Systems

August 13, 2013
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

VoIP has been proving itself a valuable tool when it comes to not only businesses, but also when it comes to individuals. The ability to save money on long-distance and international calling, and in some cases the ability to add in features that might not be found even on higher-end phone systems, is too compelling for many to easily pass up.

A virtual PBX system, a telephony system provided via download and managed by outside services, offers a wide variety of extra tools for enterprise-grade users of all sizes. Since the service is managed, it offers some significant advantages in terms of pricing and advance maintenance; the service can be effectively budgeted for since there's commonly a monthly fee attached to it, and can be upscaled and downscaled as necessary to find the right mix of services in a package.

A virtual PBX (News - Alert) system, moreover, requires minimal start-up capital to get going. Since it's a hosted service, someone else is taking on all the issues of hardware upgrades and maintenance, allowing users to enjoy access to the various services for a nominal monthly fee. That in turn is a good news / bad news scenario, depending on the attitudes of individuals and companies in question: some don't much care for being at another company's mercy when it comes to things like upgrades and repairs, but by like token, it's in that provider’s best interest to make rapid updates and repairs, so this may not be an issue for many.

All these factors together have led to the opening of a spectacular array of options when it comes to virtual PBX, and a huge number of companies offering such products with a variety of different features within the field. Figuring out just which one is right for each individual firm can be difficult to say the least, and requires deep diligence and careful study of all the different features involved and how other users' interactions with the companies in question have gone.

One such offering comes from Phone (News - Alert).com, which offers a variety of services for different platforms. Not only can offer easy VoIP for both desktop devices via its Communicator softphone, it can also offer that VoIP functionality for a wide array of devices, in many cases allowing firms to use the devices that are currently available, further reducing the necessary start-up costs to get the system in place. (News - Alert) can even offer service for mobile devices, an increasingly valuable facet of the overall business landscape thanks to the growing mobile workforce. can even offer different ways to answer a phone, from voicemail to customized greetings, a variety of musical hold options, including songs from The Beatles, and a host of other options.

A virtual PBX can go a long way in terms of turning a VoIP system into a powerful, fully-functional business-use system. While it's not for every business, and there are certainly plenty of alternatives in the market, getting the right PBX system in place can turn VoIP into something much greater than even a cost-savings system: it can become an indispensable part of a business.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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