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Don't Skimp on VoIP Customer Care

August 09, 2013
By Mae Kowalke - Virtual Office Resource Contributor

Okay, let’s be honest: Even good technology fails sometimes.

While it is true that VoIP can deliver improved call quality, added features and better mobility at less cost than traditional phone service, problems do sometimes occur with VoIP solutions. Like any technology, reliability is not 100 percent.

This is not to say that VoIP is unreliable – far from it – but it is important that businesses choose their VoIP provider based on more than just feature set and cost. As with every business, customer service matters. While a VoIP solution may work most of the time, when it doesn’t it is critical that customer support resolves the issue promptly. That’s because a business without phone service just won’t do, even for an hour.

Good customer service also is an important feature of a VoIP provider because VoIP can do so much more than traditional phone lines.

A traditional phone line does not offer voice transcription, advanced analytics or the ability to move among mobile devices and desk phones seamlessly. While these features are valuable and relatively easy to use, making the most from them can take a little time and effort. Good VoIP customer service can help businesses best use the technology.

Fully leveraging the interactive voice response (IVR) that comes with a good VoIP provider also can require customer service help, another example of why it is important to choose a VoIP provider with a good reputation for customer care.

One VoIP solutions company that is enjoying recent praise for its customer care is Phone (News - Alert).com. The Huffington Post recently named the company’s director of customer service and sales, Jeremy Watkins, as one of the top 100 most social customer service professionals.

“These service champions create and curate original content that speaks to customer experience management, customer support delivery, customer relationship management (CRM), service performance management, social customer care, and community management,” noted list author Vala Afshar (News - Alert). “The common thread that binds these service advocates is the unwavering commitment to improve customer experience, and their consistent level of contributions on Twitter.”

When (News - Alert) customers have a need, Watkins is quick to chime in with resources and advice. also recently was named best VoIP service provider by TrustedConsumerReview, an online auditing and reviews agency that provides independent reviews and rankings for thousands of products, businesses and services.

Part of what makes particularly compelling is that it delivers good customer service while still offering a strong feature set at a low price. is the best of both worlds, which could explain why it is winning awards.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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