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Business Lounges May Meet the Needs of Virtual Workers Who Want to Avoid Distractions

July 18, 2013
By Ed Silverstein - Virtual Office Resource Contributor

There are many advantages for those workers who opt to use a virtual office as opposed to working from home. There are far less distractions found there than at home or even in a local coffee shop.

The decision of whether to work at home or in another off-site location is important given that some 10 percent of Americans will work from home at some point in a typical week, according to a report from WCBS TV in New York. These workers can distracted by food, a nap, or children while at home. There is an alternative to all of those distractions – it is called the “virtual office.”

On one level, all that is needed is an electrical outlet and Wi-Fi service. But there is another option. Bill Morrow of Regus told WCBS TV that temporary office space could reduce the number of distractions. “The difference between here and a Starbucks is you have a professional work environment, and you don’t have the typical distractions or crowded environment — and just the simple fact that we have electrical outlets and Internet that works all the time,” Morrow told the TV news report.

Regus and other similar companies provide their clients with temporary office space. For instance, telecommuters can use any of Regus’ business lounges worldwide for $30 a month.

The company actually has 1,500 business lounges in 600 cities. In Manhattan, there are 84 locations listed with business lounges. The lounges offer support teams providing administrative assistance, networking opportunities, and even privacy in a Regus Thinkpod. There are also printing, scanning and photocopying facilities, as well as secure Wi-Fi offered for free and free refreshments.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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