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Caller Analytics Provides Key Insight into Virtual Office Customers

January 02, 2013
By Erin Harrison - Executive Editor, Cloud Computing

The first rule of business is knowing your customers. When employees are working in a virtual office, retrieving the data with insight into customers’ age, gender, income level and other important statistics can be challenging. Getting to know your customers will make you and your company more prepared to interact with them. (News - Alert) recently added Caller Analytics as a feature for its customers, giving businesses a new way to break down data – by time or date range and you can view the traffic in terms of technology used, landline or cell phone. “This means that you can have an insight into your clients/callers that you’ve never been able to before,” according to a recent blog post.

Depending on a customer’s age and economic status, a business can adjust the customer experience they provide by having more background information.

“Knowing you’re talking to a 75-year-old millionaire with a college degree who likes to call in between 8 and 9 a.m. for a chat with your company is quite different than at 21-year-old who’s still in college and is in debt up to their ears. They both deserve a top notch customer experience but by knowing a little background information you have a much better chance of having a successful call,” the post continued.

Caller Analytics information is divided into six data categories: overview, activity, demographics, technology, behavior and social. For example, Caller Analytics allows businesses to track the success of social media marketing, whether it’s a campaign or just daily interactions. Caller Analytics analyzes calls by social channels like Facebook, Twitter (News - Alert), LinkedIn and even email. is now offering customers a free 60-day trial. To sign up, customers can log in to the administration control panel and add Caller Analytics. New customers can begin by signing up from the company’s homepage at

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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