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Can a Smartphone Become a Virtual Office Hub?

November 20, 2012
By Michelle Amodio - Virtual Office Resource Contributor

Mobile devices have certainly evolved quite a bit from their 1980’s counterparts. Those gigantic mobile telephones that made questionable quality connections have since been replaced by smartphones which, essentially, are handheld computers in their own right.

Nowadays, users can do pretty much anything from the palms of their hands, from Web browsing, finding the nearest gas station, emailing into work and hosting conference calls. Are we at the crossroads of being able to turn our devices into full-fledged virtual offices?

Tablets have the option of attaching portable keyboards, making them inexpensive and easy to use replacements for laptops. Samsung’s (News - Alert) newest docking station that works with their Note 2 smartphone turns the device into a hub. With the docking station, users can connect a monitor, television, keyboard, mouse and external drive – all without the need of a desktop computer.

Since this docking station can provide that, who’s to say that mobile phones aren’t at the point of being a virtual office station? A docking station such as the latest from Samsung will allow the mobile worker to print, email, edit documents, all from their smartphone. Chances are, whatever their office needs, there is an app for that.

Phone (News - Alert).com, a provider of virtual office solutions, points out that the Note 2 is capable of supporting needs on the go without the demand of an extra app.

Of course, they also point out that while a smartphone is hardly a replacement for a fully functioning computer, it’s certainly a fantastic tool to getting people to work while they’re out in the field, away on business or stuck home due to inclement weather.

Having a virtual office setup is beneficial for many reasons, including low overhead, convenience, efficiency and flexibility. Virtual office programs and solutions have helped many business owners see an increase in their productivity while affording them the experience of a traditional office.

The mobile phone has become the center of the virtual office, which begs the question, will it be the main attraction for all virtual offices?

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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